Monday, March 25, 2013

Saving the SE-L Library

 I am so aggravated with how the library board is handling its library situation. The SE-L library is beautiful as is, and inspires many to read simply because of their fascination with the building itself. The fact that nothing seems to be making a difference is beyond frustrating to me, especially when I worked so successfully for continued change with the election this past fall. I've decided to write a letter to the editor in a last attempt to save this beautiful landmark, and I do not know what good it will do if any. So below is a longer version of a letter to the editor I sent to the Plain Dealer regarding the SEL Library. It may not end up in the paper, but at least I can make sure it is seen here!

Library Board Childish in Refusal to Reconsider Options
            I have been a South Euclid resident for practically my entire life. In my childhood the library was a place to go for great adventure and excitement. I went to haunted houses and renaissance fairs that all took place in a magical castle.  Today it is a place I go to relax and contemplate and have a me moment; a rare space of beauty and history and peace in South Euclid. None of that would be possible if the library is moved from its current location in Telling Mansion.
            I have been adamantly against the moving of the library since I found out about it. I signed petitions, I made phone calls, I even stopped going to book sales in an attempt to boycott raising funds for a new library which I refuse to attend or support in any way, shape, or form. While I did have a weak moment and attend one book sale, I cannot stand behind a new library. The Telling Mansion has so much history and so much personality that it would be such a shame to move it. The Mansion is the one beautiful thing we have in our city. I do not think you could find a single resident that would be against keeping the library in its current location, and if you do it would be few.
            This leads me to my main point, which is that the Cuyahoga County Library Board is simply being childish. Residents are fighting tooth and nail to save the library, Lyndhurst wants nothing to do with it if it is moved, and yet the library board adamantly refuses to even reconsider their decision or admit they were wrong. This seems quite childish to me. Only a child would sit there and say this is what I want and I am going to do it no matter what anyone says or thinks, or no matter who I hurt in the process. And while this may not be the most articulate way to point this out, I hope someone on the library board sees this and is ashamed of their actions, ashamed of the fact that a twenty-something can rightfully call them a child when they are grown because they refuse to even consider a solution other than their own.

Friday, March 9, 2012

JCU Professors, I Commend You!

Recently, it has been in the news about how 47 John Carroll professors signed a letter urging Father Niehoff to accept the health care bill and amendments to it which would require insurers (in the case of Catholic employers) to cover the cost of birth control for its female employees.  I was ecstatic when I saw this article and thought way to go JCU, thanks for standing up for what you and I both believe in! I came across this article because of negative backlash in response to the professors moves and I would like to respond to those who oppose this movement.

For those of you who are opposed based on the fact that John Carroll is Catholic, did you ever stop to think that not every single person in its employ is? During my time at JCU I had professors whose religious identifications were not with Christianity. Myself not identifying as Catholic is a prime example that while JCU is a Jesuit University, not all who attend or work there share the same faith.

Secondly, to the JCU Alum in the Plain Dealer who said these professors should be the first to be fired because of their straying from Catholicism, please see point A above.  Also, John Carroll is a Liberal Arts college. During my time at JCU I was taught to continually question my beliefs and the beliefs of those around me. I was also taught on many occasions to stand up for what I believe in, regardless of how many people disagreed with me. These 47 professors stood up for what they believe to be right and true, and instead of condemning them they should be used as a prime example of what JCU stands for: diversity, freedom of opinon, and great strength for one's beliefs. I am a JCU Alum and I stand 100% behind these professors.

Oh, and P.S. for those of you who don't know, birth control is used for an array of medical reasons other than to prevent pregnancy, which would in fact make it a preventative medicine. 

Writing as an actual future? It's a possibility!

So today a friend of mine asked me if I could write a review for an album he produced. I said I'd try and being the nerd that I am quickly turned to my dear friend Google in order to learn what exactly I had to do.  I took notes, both on the process and on the album, and learned something crucial about myself today; i learned that I dearly missed writing, that life without writing is an unhappy one indeed. So my new goal is to write a new post everyday, okay well maybe one every week. But the crucial thing I rediscovered about myself today is my ability to write something and to write it well, a quality which I truly thought I was lacking since that horrific Fullbirght application experience. 

I know that was short, but don't fret, I'm attaching my music review too! And make sure you check out Moniere Nance because his music is kick ass!

  Moniere Nance’s “Beats Heart Love” Stands Out From the Rest

            “Beats Heart Love” is the perfect title for Moniere Nance’s debut album.  Each track is full of sick beats produced by Jim Agrippe, owner of Clubhouse Billionaire Records and Nance’s producer.  Every track, with the exception of one, pulled me into the song, and the intense and intriguing beats on each track had a lot to do with it. Once in the song though, Nance grabs you with lyrics that are intense both with visualization and content.  “Sky Is The Limit” had great beats and audio techniques as well as a truly inspirational message about wanting to succeed and the struggles that come with it.  “Curtain Call,” featuring Julie Holiday, carries a similar message. Nance expresses beautifully the struggles that many people share in wanting to succeed in order to support those who have always been there for you. The album carries great heart.
            While many of the songs are inspirational, there are also many that have great potential to be crossover hits.  “Lil Devils in Stilettos” has a fast paced beat that I can envision myself dancing to and catchy lyrics.  “Party In The Heights” comes off as a great club song. It’s got a sick beat and artfully used sound effects. It seems reminiscent of Shop Boyz “Party Like a Rock Star” with a new twist. The album’s last song, “Drink In My Hand,” is the perfect track to end the album.  It incorporates many of the themes present throughout the album and has a great tone of success and accomplishment.  “Beats Heart Love” shows that Moniere Nance stands out from the crowd. The content of his album makes me believe he truly can accomplish his goal of changing our world in a massive way. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Far We've Come??? It Doesnt Seem that Far

So I may have to change the title of my blog after this posting but I feel it is necessary at the moment from what I'm feeling and all that is going on in the media about this country of ours.

First off, I am absolutely sickened by the execution of Troy Davis tonight in Georgia. I do not know much about the case and did not follow it heavily, but it seems that from the amount of protest and the people protesting it, such as senators and congressmen who are for execution, that this alone would have stopped this horrific act from occurring. If there is this much doubt among the people, in a country that is by the people and for the people, than this should not have happened. I personally have see-sawed back and forth on the issue of the death penalty. When a family friend was murdered by her husband I thought it was the most just punishment in the world, though not applicable in this case. But, in cases such as this, where the evidence appears so shaky, I can't help but to wonder what is running through these decision makers' minds. How could they even consider taking a life that has not been truly proven guilty when they are the ones who are probably pro-life and against abortion in any way shape or form? I do not know that this is true of these people, but I am going upon the assumption that it is. Just thinking about this injustice makes me feel sick and very unproud to be an American.

Next, I really cannot stand people who treat other people who they do not know the slightest thing about like absolute shit. I admit I am opinionated about things but I would never tell someone that I barely even know that they are a waste of space. Even when I'm mean to my brothers I often instantly regret the words that come out of my mouth. So it is just unfathomable to me how people can live with themselves when they sit there and call people gay or a fag or a fag who is going to hell. Even typing those words feels wrong and insulting and I do not mean to offend, just to prove/examine a point. And I admit I may have said things about people behind their back to my mother where I know they will not hear, but it is nothing as offensive as what I just typed, and I only say it to vent anger at someone's actions, not at that person as an individual. And if someone ever heard what I said I would feel absolutely horrible about myself which brings me back to the point of how people can do this to people that they dont know to their face for no reason at all?

Do you know how they can do it? Because they see adults doing it all of the time. Their parents may bully people, or their teachers. Hell, even the politicians bully people and try to get them to do what they want and what they feel is right when really it is none of their damn business. If I want to abort a baby I had by a rapist or by anyone else for that matter it is my choice, not some politician who does not know me. And if I wanted to marry a girl than that should be my choice, as long as I respect that fact that some religions may not want to perform the ceremony, the state should not be able to choose.

So my question is where have we really come? It seems not very far at all when the innocent are murdered and our own government teaches us how to hate.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Breaking the Mold, Breaking your future?

It seems like right now we are living in a time where breaking out of the mold leaves you with an insecure future. If you go to college for anything other than a cookie-cutter job than your future success is not guaranteed or even a plausible sight on the horizon. I majored in English because I didn't fit into a mold and I didn't really want to.  But now, almost 4 months after graduation it seems that my only hope at gainful employment is through various positions which I only somewhat qualify for and none of which I really want.

Now I have nothing against cookie-cutter positions or the people that hold them. People in these positions greatly benefit our society by educating people or by succeeding at business which grows our economy, I'm just saying I am not cut out for it, am not cut from the same mold.

It seems that unless you went to college for a specific degree which almost guarantees a job, such as education or accounting, then you end up like me wondering what was really the point of spending 4 years at college? Don't get me wrong, I loved my college experience and would not trade it for anything, but at the same time I feel guilty for wasting time and money with no outcome. I'm sure I will find something but at this point it will be things like babysitting and part time at a bookstore or something along those lines that, while great positions, do not require a college education. Hopefully I didn't break my future, but only time will tell.